Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Musing I Ever Posted

Hello interested reader!

This is my first blog - bet ya never heard that one before! Suddenly I am techno-geek (impressive accomplishment for a grey-haired, 50-ish goddess crone) who not only is blogging, but is now on FaceBook!! My kids feel I am invading their cyber bastion -- and yeah, they're right!!! lol

I gotta say that turning 50 has been very freeing for me. I'm okay with who I am ... and the direction of my life in this time and space. My job is rewarding - I manage the education function for an area hospital and am surrounded by extremely talented and creative souls that care about those they serve! I'm lucky to have found purpose and meaning in the work that I do.

What I crave is good, stimulating dialogue with others on a wide range of topics. I am a natural learner (kind of a sponge really) and desire to share my perspectives on life, and in turn reflect on those of others.

So, thanks for reading my first blog post and if you choose to respond, that would be great!! GoddessKim